We are the leading provider of Microsoft SPLA reporting and compliance tools.



Our SPLA solution gives service providers an efficient and cost effective alternative to manually gathering data, interpreting complex licensing and satisfying impossible reporting deadlines.


Reduce the risk of 25% fine by
Microsoft for non compliance


Reduce time and manual effort
in staying compliant by 80%

activAeon Solution

activAeon provides a scaleable and cost effective solution to fit the size and complexity of your SPLA needs.

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Our volume pricing is tailored to fit the size of your operating system environment,

so you only pay for what you use. 

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Client Feedback

activAeon works with clients worldwide who are extremely satisfied with the results from our integrated SPLA solution.

“CCR just went through a SPLA audit by Microsoft. The auditors were amazed with the reports that we were able to give them from your product and they even commented “this tool is well worth the investment”.

We were able to respond to several anomalies and explain them using the activAeon reports and information. We have just received our official letter from Microsoft and they accepted our numbers as-is and we were fined exactly $0!

Most of our peer group members differences and fines were close to six figures and you better believe that we will be singing the praises at our next meeting!”
— CCR - Center for Computer Resources
“Previous reporting methods were unreliable, flawed and time consuming, taking a few days to format and validate reports.  activAeon now takes less than 1.5 days to format and validate, so essentially halved the amount of time spent each month.” 

“We have a great working relationship with activAeon whereby any issues or suggestions regarding features and usability are taken on board and provided to us with swift turnaround.”

“We are much more accurate in reporting, being able to provide customers with a streamlined usage report and whilst saving time and money each month.”
— phoenix

A selection of our Partners

activAeon is proud to work with many SPLA partners around the world.
Please contact your re-seller to find out more about how
activAeon can help your business or contact us direct. 

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